Karbon Brewing Co. Community

Welcome to the KBC Community! We are a group of dedicated people who love our planet and want to lead climate and social revolution within the beer industry. Whether you are someone going to rallies or just making small changes in your daily life, we want to celebrate with like-minded people. We want to highlight your accomplishments and celebrate those that tie back to our mission.

Interested in becoming a KBC ambassador?

Our mission is to create a Better Beer for a Better World and we need some help to do that! We want to create a community platform that highlights people doing great things for climate change and social revolution and that’s where you come in.

Are you passionate about beer? Are you trying to make a positive impact in your community? We want you to join the KBC Ambassador program!

Perks include branded gear, network access, ability to represent Karbon Brewing Co. digitally and in person.

Must be 19+ years of age and from Ontario
Must have meaningful/active social media presence
Must show participation in social impact causes or have plans to do so

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