Over the past few months, we have been working with our friends at veritree and tentree to figure out how we can partner to make this all possible. tentree was started in 2011 by Canadian entrepreneurs that wanted to start a clothing brand that gave back to the earth. With over 80 million trees planted, the tentree founders saw a need for verification of these impacts, and of the trees being planted. Leading them to launch a venture named veritree.

veritree is a data-driven, restorative platform that connects nature-based solutions with mission-driven companies ready to lead the restorative economy. With on-the-ground monitoring and blockchain verification, veritree improves transparency and trust through data and tools that revitalize ecosystems, strengthen communities, and build climate solutions. Unlike other verification efforts, veritree technology works with its planting organizations to validate, monitor, and analyze ground-level efforts for activities such as tree planting. Furthermore, veritree engages and celebrates its community, including its business partners and their consumers, who can follow their collective restorative impact through veritree’s platform and see tangible results from their participation.

Veritree Portal

Blockchain & Nature Based Solutions

One of the biggest challenges in scaling nature-based solutions is providing stakeholders with the assurance that efforts are making the impact as promised. Using blockchain technology within the platform helps address verification concerns, including double-counting or lack of additionality, poor monitoring for permanence, and integration of on-the-ground data. The system is built to ensure transparency, traceability, and clear ownership by tracking every stage of the tree planting process.


When we realized we could combine Karbon Brewing Co.'s mission with veritree technology to allow each beer purchased to make a verified impact, we got straight to work on a partnership that could help change the landscape of the beer industry. Starting in 2023 every can, keg, and case of Karbon beer sold will contribute to the planting of verified trees and sea kelp in North America. While there are many great nature-based projects on-going we have chosen to start with two. We are supporting a Seaforestation project that is focused on kelp restoration, with veritree’s partner, Ocean Wise. The kelp restoration will support biodiversity off the Coast of British Columbia. We are also supporting post-wildfire reforestation projects in Montana and Oregon, through veritree’s planting partner, American Forests


It is our hope that all our hospitality and retail community will be able to see the verified impact that their own location has had, and that consumers can genuinely feel connected to the work being done. Over the next few months stay tuned for the next chapter of our journey and our partnership with veritree.