We focus on harnessing clean technology through the brewing process and cleaning up our supply chain.

We source our ingredients locally and use 100% Ontario Hops.

High quality, locally sourced ingredients make for exceptional beverages.

Our beverages are available in select stores, bars and restaurants throughout Ontario.

Beer Can Have Impact

One of the biggest challenges at Karbon Brewing is finding out how to connect our consumers to real world solutions that drive impact on the ground. Saying you are trying to be more sustainable is a way of the past, implementing solutions is the way we fight the climate crisis.

Can we turn each purchase into something that has verified real world impact? Can beer do more?

We think so. 

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The journey to Carbon Negative

The Karbon story started with a simple idea, create beverages that taste great and help our planet. Our mission is to create better beer for a better world. We are seeking real-world change.

A first-of-its-kind research collaboration in North America will see Trent University and Karbon Brewing Co. come together to research and develop green brewing technologies for a carbon-negative future, while also collaborating on curriculum development and offering students hands-on, experiential learning opportunities.

Reversing our Carbon Footprint


CARBON NEGATIVE - "The reduction of an entity’s carbon footprint to less than neutral, so that the entity has a net effect of removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere rather than adding it."

By tapping into a worldwide network of environmental researchers, we are working to innovate, create and apply sustainable solutions to the brewing process.

We track every part of our carbon footprint, analyze our upstream production and downstream sources, we reduce our waste and always choose the most sustainable option we can in every situation.

As a company who seeks a better future, we aim to be transparent and are proud to share our knowledge with our industry to create a "green beer revolution".

Helios Wins New Beer of The Year
Helios Wins New Beer of The Year

Source: Brewers Journal Canada

Shortlisted nominees for the 2021 Canadian Brewers Choice New Beer of the Year:

  • Karbon Brewing Co. – Helios Helles Lager
  • Walker West Coast IPA – PEI Brewing Company (Gahan)
  • Chocolate Milk Peanut Butter Porter – Imperial City Brew House

WINNER: Helios Helles Lager – Karbon Brewing Co. 

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Beer for the greener good?
Beer for the greener good?

Source: The Toronto Star

A few years ago, the term “green beer” almost invariably referred to artificially emerald drinks for celebrating and sloshing on St. Patrick’s Day. But today, green beer doesn’t merely mean an incoming hangover: It also describes a more ecoconscious approach to brewing, poised to change the industry.

Not to dampen happy hour, but beer is largely unsustainable. “It’s an inherently wasteful process that requires a lot of agricultural input, utilities and waste,” explains Stephen Tyson, founder of Karbon Brewing Co., which launched in 2020 in Toronto’s Junction neighbourhood.

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Trent University partners with Karbon Brewing
Trent University partners with Karbon Brewing

Source: Global News

Trent and Karbon Brewing Co. have brewed up a new partnership with environment sustainability in mind. And, it's the first collaboration of its kind in North America. Jessica Nyznik reports.

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Are craft beer companies really more sustainable?
Are craft beer companies really more sustainable?

Source: Corporate Knights

Stephen Tyson and Yves St. Amand spent years managing bars and restaurants in Toronto before deciding to blend their professional experience in beer and hospitality with their passion for sustainability.

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